The made to measure of SIMAR FURNITURE extends in all its creations, from the most extensive systems of furniture to the object of the details on a smaller scale, emphasizing in both processes, the beauty and the functionality of the wood essence.

Thus the BOX LINE COLLECTION is born, a synonym of a strong union between the handicraft Made in Italy and the passionate research of new ideas for a luxury design.

The box is entirely created by the hand of master carpenters of the Simar, using only the essence of high quality materials. From the concept of the initial project, designed and made by our designers and internal architects, to the final production. This procedure allows us to customize the container every time in a different way making these boxes suitable for every product that is wanted to put on the inside, from the present elements in the food and beverage market (wine bottles, teff flour, jams, oil, etc.) to more specific researched products in the fashion industry, of the shoe and fashion design (shoes, jewelries, belts, bags, etc.). This ability to adapt the box for every demand requested by the market and the varying of the forms always more original, both for the dimension and for the materials, makes the box unique of its kind.

The simple and innovative element of the design stays elegant, exclusively with the use of natural wood materials, but it can also be covered with more prestigious products, just like the leather or other present fabrics in the Italian and international market.

The final goal is to give value to every single object produced wisely, customizing the container according to the request of the customer.