The furnishings speak of the personality of those who live in a house more than any another element. To determine the style of a room are often the small details: decorations, upholstery and wall hangings, mirrors and picture frames. Simar furniture cares of its products in every detail, this completes its range accessories and gifts, to make every warm and personal environment.


How to choose a piece of furniture

A house without decorations is like a party without guests: to have a vision Full of style you want to achieve you need to take into consideration such as furniture accessories you want for your home.  Simar offers consulting service that helps you choose the small details that speak to you, your style of your world. Simar helps you choose items that will be part of your best memories.

Home accessories tailored

Simar internally designs and produces the company furnishing bespoke as chairs, tables, coffee tables, desks, consoles, storage cabinets, shelves and small items decorative; Instead it relies on external suppliers or designers for everything related tissues, tableware, decorations, upholstered furniture, appliances and design objects. 

Some of the companies that we market: Calia Italy, Biel Sofas, CTS, Eurosedia, Point House, Pedrali, Infinity, Trabaldo, The Seggiola, Gipi The Chairs