“A man who works with hands is a worker;
a man who works with hands and brain is a craftsman;
but a man who works with hands, brain and heart is an artist.”

San Francesco d’Assisi

Craftsmen for over fifty years

The story of Simar Arredamenti begins fifty years ago in Monte Urano, a small town in the Marche a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast. Alberico Valle, carpenter and founder of the company, specializes in the design and implementation of customised furniture, made using traditional techniques. The fame of his furniture grows to the point that in 1986 the company moves to the industrial area Monte Urano, where it is enriched by a further sale point.

The new generation

The family business founded by Mr. Alberico is now in the hands of the second generation of Valle carpenters, who in the past 25 years joined and then taken over the leadership of the company. There were many changes: in 2007 the Simar opens TechLab: a space of over 1,500 square meters, where designers and Simar architects design and experience the custom-made furniture, which are then refined by the expert hands of master carpenters, taking great care of each detail.

Italian Heart, international breath

In recent years, Simar has had a path of international growth, mainly driven by numerous collaborations with world renowned architects. In these markets the company is currently investing a great deal of resources, exporting the “Made in Italy” Woodworking.
The Simar Arredamenti creations are loved and desired abroad, especially in the UK, with London as the main hub, and Russia, where Moscow is confirmed great admirer of Italian products and our craft.