The house is the place where comfort and aesthetics are a sublime synthesis. For over fifty years Simar Arredamenti manufactures creative and functional furnishing solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality. The formula “to measure”, allows clients to decorate the house in a highly personalized way, to better fit the available space

Design Furniture

Storage walls, furniture, bookcases, tables and coffee tables, chairs and cupboards. But even furniture, finishes, furnishings and decorations. Each room can be furnished with custom-made furniture: from living room to kitchen, going to bathroom and bedroom. Whatever the need, we can create tailored or customized solutions – the TechLab Simar meets all these needs, providing a wide range of solutions about style, design, functionality and available budget.

Quality first

The elegance of design and custom-made finishes are combined with the use of technology for the oversize format management. The care of every technical aspect and resolution of the more problematic ones, allows the company to focus on details and the quality of its products, thus becoming an awarded and appreciated player in the Italian and foreign markets.