home living – private house in Senigallia (IT)

Home living
About This Project

New open space furniture project

City: Senigallia (Italy)
Data: 2017
Project: Furnish a large open space as in the case of this House, offers the availability of a large space where you can manage furnishings and related functionality in a casual and informal. Sense of freedom, brightness and lightness are some of the peculiarities of the furnishing realized for this residence, within which the rooms are completely devoid, or almost, of separations between one zone and the other. From the material point of view, the union between the Matrix effect veneer and the wood in wengé stained oak, obviously makes the entire furniture brighter and more welcoming for those who live it daily throughout the day. With the help of a good lighting design, the exaltation of every single material of the elements reaches its apex, and with the help of the use of glass, applied in very precise areas of the overall furnishing, the sense of lightness is even more pronounced In its compositional lines.