About This Project

City: Pesaro (Italia)

Our project layout has the one of the most important architectural works present in the entire city as a source of inspiration, that is the Trajan’s Markets, better known as Trajan Markets on the slopes of Quirinale hill.
Complex as it’s wanted, as its name evidences itself, from the Trajan emperor, together with his architect of Nabatee origins (Nabatene, former Ancient Arabia, current Syria) Apollodoro from Damascus, wants to create a complex mainly intended for the administrative activities of Rome, but at the same time (and here is where we underline the connection with our layout) for the business activities of the city, that are held in semi – open spaces on the sides of the internal streets. It must hit the fact that the Romans of the 1st century A.D. would have elaborated a very modern concept of the business, so much that the Trajan Markets can be compared to the functionality and dimension of our current shops. The Markets are also a magnificent example of a typical Roman architecture, qualified by tree themes: the UTILITY, the external BEAUTY and the STRENGHT. Themes that we made ours and that we applied on every single architectural element present in our layout.