Simar in the world, a success story

Our roots are obviously born in Italy, but since the beginning of our activity, we have always looked beyond our national borders. Not being satisfied with remaining in a limited territory and making known the real craftsmanship in woodworking to the whole world, has always been a concrete objective for us, as well as the investments made, which in the course of our production history have been manifold.
Starting with small foreign realities, with caution and optimism we managed to expand the way we work to farer horizons.

“Internationalization”: a concept that contains different meanings.

Many can be the ways in which a company is internationalized. This concept means to us broadly speaking to become “international” and therefore to relate with new companies, consumers and institutions operating on foreign markets.

The adopted strategies to enter the major foreign markets were basically two:

  • we try to study market opportunities in new geographical areas and understand if our company has the productive, financial and organizational capacity to sell this type of product abroad.
  • we define commercial and business strategies, keeping in touch with local operators and, above all, studying the reference market.

The primary goal for Simar in its foreign investments is increasing revenues by expanding the geographic market of reference making known the real made in Italy in the processing of wood and the Italian style in furnishings