The bedroom is one of the most intimate places of the house, and it is important that the furniture councils a good rest and a sense of comfort in every detail. The design and aesthetics blend with the more technical and functional aspects, to create one of the key areas in a house: the bedroom. Design your bedroom to measure and ‘a luxury that offers moments of complete relaxation and inner well-being.

Decorating the bedroom

Simar Arredamenti puts at your service its expertise to design customized sleeping area. The company designs and produces furniture for bedrooms, children’s rooms, loft beds, container beds, bedside tables, cupboards, wardrobes and furnishings; and completes its offer by selling mattresses.

Design bedroom

Colors, materials, styles … which to choose? Simar furniture, with the experience that for years she stars in the world of furnishing custom creations, it offers to the customer, to find design solutions best suited to every need. Quality, design, quality materials, craft skills and modularity are the distinctive elements of each bedroom tailored Simar.

Bedroom tailored

The advantage of having a bespoke bedroom is to be able to achieve maximum optimization of space without sacrificing good design. The Simar of furnishing solutions are able to meet every taste, every style and every need. Its production, between artisan tradition and innovation of techniques and materials, are synonymous with quality for over fifty years.